Thursday, 27 May 2010

I am totally spoilt

So the 10th of June is my 21st birthday. My breast reduction is on the 7th, I will more than likely be bedbound on my special day. My amazing mum bought me the camera last week, it's amazing, once J moves into the new flat and we're a bit more settled I'll post all the best pics on flickr. So my mum spoilt me, she bought me an amazing present 3 weeks before my birthday. Now yesterday I waited at J's cos the presents she bought me were due to arrive while she was at work. So I waited and they arrived and I left to meet J after work. Basically, she wasn't going to let me open them till my birthday, but because I'll be bed bound she said I could open them. And oh my! She bought me a Wii! We both want one and I couldn't believe she'd bought it!! Then I opened the other one and she'd only got me a bloody Blackberry (which where I'm posting this from). So yeah, I am completely spoilt. The luckiest almost 21 year old EVER! I actually cannot believe she's got them for me! I cried when I opened them too, I was a bit o

Plus the fact that J will no longer be living with friend X after the weekend (she's been especially horrible since J started moving her stuff out). The flat is amazing, the flat mates are amazing, and my mum's going to be here. We're also going to see my aunt in Cambridge, the one who lived in Aberdeen last year. We're really close and I haven't seen her since then. Plus I am very much enjoying being free of responsibilities at the moment :)!



It's so much fun being spoiled! And you deserve it all too with all the hard work you've done.

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