Sunday, 20 September 2009

Eyes wide open, naked as we came

I have just discovered an amazing singer on Youtube.. Some of you might know who she is but i hadn't heard any of her music before today, when i decided i wanted to listen to "Naked as we came" by Iron & Wine. I first heard that song on Grey's Anatomy, and today i heard it again for the first time in months on The L Word (season 2, episode 4, when Shane cuts Jenny's hair off). I forgot how much i loved that song.

Anyway, back to Kina Grannis, i haven't listened to any of her original stuff yet, i've just been listening to her covers and they are amazing, her voice is so soft and effortless, perfect for middle of the night easy listening. She's especially perfect when you're in one of those happy, floaty, everythings-just-perfect kind of moods.

Yesterday we spent most of the day in bed, watching crap films and having amazing sex. It was just a perfect day. I can't even think about anything else to write about, i don't want to bore people. The only thing i can think of is university, and i really don't want to think about that yet, i have another week or so till we go back and i'm enjoying wasting some time without feeling too guilty. I'm so happy to be back, and just be out, walk down the street holding her hand, kissing her in public, being able to tell people that she's my girlfriend, it feels amazing.

I hope everyone's having a good time too!

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Happiness and progress. And lots more happiness.

Wow i haven't anything in quite a while. I haven't really had anything much going on, my mum and i went to Sicily and obviously i didn't pluck up the courage to come out to her, or at least tell her about J. It was really nice though, especially spending a week alone with my mum just before i left, it kind of helped me feel less guilty about leaving home. So we went to Sicily and we ate lots of good food, drank lots of good wine and met lots of pervy Italian men. My mum is almost 45 and she looks really good for her age, she's half my size and has a beautiful face (thats where i got it from hahaaa), so everywhere we went these pervy Sicilians followed us around and stared at us really unashamedly. It got rather annoying.

I really really wanted to tell her about J before i came back to Derby (which i did on Monday) and on Sunday night i finally did it. She actually knows, its amazing, it just makes our relationship seem more real somehow. It wasn't a very long conversation, but at least it happened and now most people back home know about us. I couldn't blurt it out myself, but she guessed which made it so much easier. Inevitably she told me "don't commit, you're still young" but i wasn't really listening at this point, my mind was just buzzing and i just wanted to talk to J.
So that was that! She hugged me and said she doesn't care as long as i'm happy and she's acting exactly the same which is brilliant.

And now i'm back in Derby and i have never felt happier. Waking up next to her, feeling her skin against mine, looking at her beautiful face, i am just in absolute heaven and can't imagine anything different.

It's our one year anniversary in about a month and a half, and i want to get something amazing. Any ideas?

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Pride and joy

Today i am very proud of J. In May she finished her degree and one of her lecturers (who is gay, and who she's crazy about btw, but such is life when having an honest girlfriend) has almost got her a job teaching at college. On top of that, she emaild the people behind the feminist website The F Word with a suggestion for an article and was told that it's a brilliant idea and they old love for her to write it for them. It seems J is quite the writer, she had a creative writing class at uni and was told by her lecturer that she should try and get some of her stuff published. So today i am extremely proud of her.

I hadn't heard of the website before, so obviously i had to do a bit of snooping and checked it out. I found this article, about Same-sex hand holding (Sshh!) Saturday.

On this day, same-sex couples and friends all over the world are encouraged to hold hands in public to support the visibility of Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans (LGBT) people. Sshh! Saturdays will occur on the last Saturday of every month, publicised by A Day In Hand. This is a revolutionary way of encouraging and inspiring LGBT people to take responsibility for their equality and live their lives without fear or restraint.

Read the whole thing, i think it's a brilliant idea, especially if people outside the LGBT community take part to show their support.

In other news, tomorrow i'm off to Sicily for a week with my mum, and in 12 days i go back to Derby and to J, which i absolutely cannot wait for. I'm going to take her out for dinner as soon as i arrive, i was thinking sushi as there's a sushi place that opened up in Derby a couple of weeks before i left back in June and we never got the chance (or had enough money) to go and eat there. Now's our chance, before i become a social hermit and have to focus on finishing my bloody degree. Arghhh.