Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Question answers & the hypocrisy of it all

Question from Crsytal: What are your plans when you are done with school?
First I hope to get a job as a Teaching Assistant next year, only for one year, and then do a Masters degree in Child/developmental psychology or Speech and Language Therapy. I'm not exactly sure yet but I've got a year to decide :).

Question from Jes:What is your biggest fear?
I have to say I think my biggest fear is growing old. My great-grandmother is 95 and has dimentia and although it's great that she's still alive and kicking, 90% of the time she has no idea where she is, who she's living with, how old she is, who's who (she once asked me if i was in her class at school). She just seems miserable all the time and it just scares me a little to think i will probably end up like that one day. But then i'm also scared of death, where do we end up and so on, so maybe growing old is the lesser of two evils? I'm not sure, i know a lot of people disagree with me, especially on death issues, it's just the idea of not being alive is depressing and really really scary to me.

Question from Ashley Dee: What qualifications did you need to study psychology?
I needed and overall pass and grade C on my A Levels, with a C in English, as well as a certain number of UCAS points, though I'm not sure how many cos it's been about 4 years since i applied now.

Thanks for asking :)

The hypocrisy of it all
I've been following 2 moms with a plan for a while now, and this post really hit a nerve with me. Have a look at it, i commented on it if you'd like to see my views and share your own on the topic.
Bloody close-minded people who think they know what's 'right' and what's 'wrong' when clearly their sense of right and wrong is extremely messed up!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Photos

Because it seems i've finally fallen in love with blogging again, here are some photos to show you what i've been up to, apart from middle aged men touching my boobs and getting good grades at uni ;).
That gorgeous little monkey right there is Baby Boy, H's son. He is almost a year and a half now, and that was the last time i saw him, which was christmas time when H invited us all to hers during the christmas break. He ran around trying to steal H's ipod and stood and danced to our cheesy christmas tunes. All the while holding his blanket in his hand. Bad ass little boy.Then came christmas day, which was strangely un-christmas like. It was 24 degrees C in Malta (which is 75F) so it wasn't particularly wintery and it just felt a bit strange because of financial and familial issues. But it was still a lovely day, even though my mother announced, not very nicely, to the rest of the family that i planned to work next year and not go straight on to a masters. Shock and bloody horror, after 21 years of education i would like to take a break for a year. She thinks i'm being stupid to do it but at the end of the day it is my decision, and i've made it now. Also, one of our dogs wasn't there, i still cry when i think about him and how stupid the vet was for not recognising what he had early enough, when it's so common amongst dogs in Malta. Stupid, over paid, lazy twats (two of them managed to misdiagnose him, before it was too late and vet number three tried his hardest to save him). Anyway, that's my dad and me on christmas day, i'm a daddy's girl.
After christmas came new year's eve. Between christmas and NYE and any time around then i spent playing The Sims 3. I love it becuase you can have same sex couples! So, obviously, i made a nice little lesbian family, and we adopted babies and lived a blissful life. Unfortunately we died after about four days so now our daughter is married to a man and has a child and one more on the way, and our son is engaged. But after playing for a week i got bored and haven't looked at it since. So, NYE we went to a party where there weren't many people and a fully stocked open bar. Let me make that easier to understand. Very few people + fully stocked open bar = absolutely smashed and exhausted by 11.59pm. It was a good night, that didn't involve much except drinking, i danced for a total of 10 minutes, and because of the massive shoes i was wearing and the tightness of my beautiful dress (which arrived the day before NYE, thanks ASOS!) these 10 minutes were not the most comfortable of my life. But overall it was not a failed night. However, the best part of my christmas break came the day after New Year's Day, when J arrived. We had an amazing week in the sun. All we did was eat, go for walks, play with the dog, and have sex (which was a little bit hard in my single bunk beds, but we made it work). We went to some birthday parties/gatherings, we went to watch Avatar in 3D with my brother, his girlfriend, her dad and T. Avatar was incredible. The effects and the colours and the 3D are incredible, you don't really pay much attention to the actual storyline because you sit in awe of the beautiful colours and scenery on the screen. Well, that's what happened to me at least. The story is very Pocahontas-like. But the blues and the pinks and the greens and the tree of life, the place where they have sex anyway, was incredible. If it weren't for the effects and the 3D i think it would just seem like any other film. We also did lots of touristy stuff, went round historic places, visited gardens, had lunch at places with magnificent views of the main harbour, those kinds of things.
Anyway, on top of that we went for walks. My parents live in the countryside, in the middle of them valley, and on one day we went for a walk with my dad and the dog, and then on another we went for a 4 hour walk with the just the dog. It was incredible, the views were amazing as we walked along the coast across four different beaches/bays, and i'm going to post a few photos and shut up now because this post is a million times longer than i intended it to be.

I've edited this post a million times, it's too long for my liking, so i'm going to post the photos on a separate post. Sorry for the lengthiness! I think i may be opting for vlogs more often!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Vlog experiment

So i've decided to try vlogging, i even edited the video, not brilliantly, and it took me ages, but maybe listening to me for 4 minutes will be more enjoyable for you than reading pages of words! Tell me what you think, be gentle lol :)

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

TMI Tuesday #227

So I've been absent for a while, I have so much work to do and not enough time or motivation. I'll update asap, hopefully this evening!

Have you had sex with another person in 2010? Have you passed on an opportunity to sex with another person in 2010?
Yes i have, and no i haven't.

What is the funniest thing you have ever said or done during sex? (Orgasmic facial expressions do not count.)
As much as i hate to admit this, i farted once, we'd only been together for a few months. She thought it was hilarious but i was so embarrassed, i was nervous every time we had sex for the next couple of weeks.

What is the first thing you notice about a member of the opposite sex?
Nothing, i like the ones that look like me.

What is the best pick-up line you have ever heard? Ever used? Ever been used on you?
Hmmm, there was one guy who tried every pick up line on me one summer, they didn't work, most of them were horrible and degrading and made me hate him just a little bit. Things like "you must be tired cos you've been walking across my mind all day". Or however that one goes.

Where is the most unique you have ever had sex?
Um, the cinema?

I'll post an update later hopefully, happy Tuesday!