Thursday, 1 April 2010

Coupley things

Don't you just love the little coupley things you do or have done with a partner? Little things that make you feel like you really connect and other people can only look into your world and not be a part of it. I love the little things J and I do.
  • We say yes in different languages to each other. Mainly in French and in Maltese. I love how she sounds when she speaks to me in a foreign language, especially when she says 'oui' or 'iva'. In fact i just bought a necklace with 'oui' written onto a small coin and i love it (from
  • Before we sleep we always cuddle, usually with my head on her shoulder. When we're ready to sleep we roll away and sleep back to back. As soon as we wake up in the morning, without opening our eyes, we automatically turn round to face each other and start cuddling again. Because i'm smaller, i'm usually the one who gets squeezed and snuggled the most :). The mornings are my favourite time of day for this reason.
  • Whenever we have disagreements (luckily we don't argue much), we tend to go a bit squealy, we sound like screeching cats lol. To relieve the tension, one of us usually says 'miaooww' and we both start giggling and the tension goes away!
Those are my favourite coupley things about us. There are loads more, but these are the ones that happen most often and that make me most smiley.

What are your coupley things?

Oh, I can't wait for Glee to start again :)



We do voices for our pets and often catch eachoter doing it in public...we think it is hilarious, but other people look at us like we are crazy!!
Being "crazy" together is awesome!

ps: who is the girl in the video?


Her name is Kina Grannis, I found her videos on youtube a couple of years ago, i love her voice and looking at her doesn't do me any harm either lol :)


I love cuddle time! I'm the smaller one too so I get squeezed and snuggled the most :)


I never get tired of my together time with Mrs Jude. When we're out, the occasional slight touch she gives me drives me wild.
Right before we go to sleep each night I place my hand on top of her head. One time she asked me why I do that, I told her I didn't want her to float away during the night. :)


Me and Prince Charming play this 'freak out' game where we talk about how we're going to get married and have kids and what our house is going to look like and what our wedding is going to be like and what our kids' names are going to be, and see who gets weirded out first. It's kind of gross but we enjoy it!

---Amy xxxx


Thanks, I found her and yes, I love her now also!!
Oh and Jude, I actually just said "Awhh" out loud when I read your comment :)


Taylor - being smaller has its perks!

Jude - I just said aww out loud too :)

Amy - Your game made me laugh!

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